How you can help
These are the just some of the ways you can help. You could:
  • Help children with their reading and numeracy
  • mentor students
  • share your culture
  • coach a sports team
  • help develop life skills
  • help with camps and excursion
  • work behind-the-scenes in the office
  • be on a community
  • help in the library
  • help with fundraising     
There are many other ways to help Before you apply to volunteer, think about what you can do to help.

Who can volunteer
Volunteers can come from all walks of life. You might be just who we need if you:
  • are compassionate and kind
  • care about children
  • want to help young people feel confident and grow
  • enjoy helping others
You might love and want to share your passion for:
  • words-big and small
  • your culture and tradition
  • music and arts
  • science, technology, engineering and maths
If you feel you have different skills, expertise and knowledge to offer, get in contact with the site of this Grammar School.College. It's never too late or where you're from, it's all about wanting to help out to make a positive dfifference in the lives of children.

To apply to volunteer, call or mail to the information provided below.
News and Events
Children's Day

Children's Day

September 14, 2018