Education should address social needs and place students at the centre. It must cater for them global knowledge and encourage them to have active participation in nationalas well as global society. Grammar College commits to provide open space for learning through modern teaching techniques. And, it should be continuous process because One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh, but the earth abideth always…, All rivers runneth to the sea, Yet the sea is not full…
Prof. Bishweshor Man Shrestha
 Tribhuvan University
 Advisor & Visiting Professor

The word "Grammar" signifies the rule of language. Grammar school had emerged as a Latin Grammar School in Rome before the Christian era. In the same way, Gymnasium School had  emerged  in  Greece . Babylonian School in the Middle East. These days these schools are regarded as the norms of quality or standard in the education field. Grammar school in Koteshwor also follows the same norms in education. I wish its success in all aspects in future.
Prof. Upendra Kumar Karki
 Tribhuvan University
 Advisor & Visiting Professor

With the goal of Grammar College to produce competent skilled, responsible, accountable,studious, thoughtful, dedicated, dutiful and patriotic citizen, we have been working unfailingly for the last 24 years with determined plan and policy under the management of Grammar Foundation Pvt. Ltd.
I, therefore, would like to invite all the students and parents to visit Grammar College once and know even more about us before you decide to join any other institutions. I wish to assure you that we will make every effort to meet your expectations.
Thank you!
 Jaya Kumar Rai
 Chairperson, CMC/SMC
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